PETAW (Project Engineering and Technical Assistance Worldwide) Ltd is primarily a civil & structural engineering firm results oriented and dedicated to the satisfaction of its clients.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve safe and economic projects and we serve them by mobilizing appropriate and reliable engineers, designers and specialists within their design office project teams, in our own design offices and/or within their worksite project staff.

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We perform technical and managing mission tasks related with design, verification and analysis of structures and related disciplines with (French local & International) standards and code of practices, interfacing with other project specialists and designers such as :

  • Coordination of the technical activities carried out internally in the company with those carried out externally at our clients and partners offices.
  • Revision & implementation of the technical documentation of the client according to the requirements of his project.
  • Control of subcontractor engineering documents inside and outside the company.
  • Implementation and execution of the assigned engineering activities, such as basic & detailed design engineering, verifications & regulatory technical studies relevant to any subject of engineering associated with the discipline.
  • Inter-disciplines coordination of engineering with mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, process, piping, plumbing, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) etc.
  • Preparation of client technical specifications, development of finite element models, provision and checking of calculation reports.
  • Supervision and validation of the civil & structural design, the 4D, 3D models & the 2D execution drawings for steel & timber structures, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, mixed-type structures & their foundations .
  • Provision, supervision & validation of technical studies for related technical packages as per Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation, Process, Piping, HVAC & Plumbing etc.
  • Preparation of MTOs, BOQs & SOWs, as well as design and execution works technical specifications for subcontracted design offices & construction companies.
  • Management of all the interfaces with the project specialists for the resolution of engineering problems, during all the project realization phases (design, studies, procurement, manufacturing, construction etc.).